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Star Trek Armada II Upgrade project
Welcome to the home of the Upgrade Project. The Upgrade Project now has two releases, the classic release for Armada II which allows you to play online with greatly enhanced graphics for Armada against anybody, regardless of if they have this installed or not.

Or, the latest version, 2.0. This version gives up compatibility with 1.1 for stunning graphics and an brand new AI for the campaign.

Installation is easy with our install wizard, no computer knowledge is required.

For more information about the Upgrade Project please see the About us page

Your games could look like this.

A2 Upgrade Project News
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Exciting new things - posted on 17 Dec 2009
Over the past six months many interesting things have been coming along nicely.

Armada's lighting system is one of the best, but unused ways to make the game look VERY pretty. One constant of the last 8 years is that the only type of lighting used on a map has been a directional light which lets you light up one side of a ship/station.

Obviously, this is of fairly limited use. However, recently a set of omni directional lights have been created which allows for interesting possibilities like actually having ships that glow when they approach a sun, or other map object that should glow, like a wormhole, dilithium moon etc. You'll see this working in the next release.

In addition to this, verious people have continued developing AI's, and we now have some fairly good strategic AI's under development. Click HERE for a new AI for skirmish play.

You need to unzip it to the "/AI/AIP's" folder to install it, it overwrites the Klingon Hard AI. To use it after installing simply install it and start a new skirmish against the Klingon hard AI.

An update - posted on 30 May 2009
I really should update the site more.

V2, better known as Vanilla Ultimate has been out for a while and available from Armada II Files, but I hadn't updated the site so you had a hyperlink to actually download it from here.

I'm now going to do that update.

- posted on 19 Nov 2007
I have been asked at least a couple of hundred times over the past few years if I will be producing a mod for Armada II, and I have always said its not planned as the Upgrade Project has always steadfastly avoided changing any file that has broken compatibility with multiplayer. Today, I am delighted to announce that the Armada II Upgrade Project is producing its own modification.

The Upgrade Projects mod will add much of interest to the average person visiting A2files. Principal features include no new races, no new ships, no new stations and no new weapons. In fact, I can go so far as to say that your game will play exactly as it did before.

What it will look like is of course a different matter. Following the best traditions of the Upgrade Project the upcoming Upgrade "mod" will not make a single change to the gameplay of your mod. Why should it? You play the mods you play because you enjoy them. We just make them look pretty. Of course, your probably missing things like the blue shields mod in the mod you play. Despite being one of the largest graphical advancements made by an A2 modding team only 600 people downloaded it. This compares with six thousand for the contemporary version of the Upgrade Project, a difference of figures which can be explained easily, few people used it because its to hard for the majority of people to install. Oops!

Still, little details like this are quite easy to fix and improve on. Take a look at this screenshot. Thats the "blue" shields mod as included in the mod. The problem with having a blue "blue" shields mod is that its not very portable. You can't really use it for your Romulans and Cardassians, the Borg and the Bajorans. Convert it to white on the other hand, and its pretty much universal. Remove the little white rings and replace it with a nice impact and you have a great effect.

Over the years it has become quite complex putting together an installation that looks quite nice and not many people have done it because its a lot of work. That amount of work is just about to decrease (for you...!) down to pressing "next" on the installer a couple of times.

Of course, changing anything in an installation means you can't play online against other people playing version 1.1, so this one is strictly for people playing mods, offline skirmishes or multiplayers between friends. Versions for online multiplayer use that are restricted to original resolution graphics will still be developed.

Gaming Today FeaturedFile - posted on 28 Sep 2007
The Upgrade Project has been featured on the very busy Gaming Today news site as one of the great files hosted by FileFront. You can see us featured here in the top spot:-

Its great to see that nearly three years after our first release that the Upgrade Project is more popular than ever!

Stay tuned for new releases in the near future.

1.4.0 released - posted on 05 Feb 2007
Version 1.4.0 is released.

On a side note, please take a look at the forums both to see the progress on the next version and to take the chance to have your say in how we are doing.

- posted on 21 Jan 2007
I am delighted to announce that CurtisR has accepted an offer to join the Upgrade Project.

For those of you who didn't read the credits section in the readme Curtis produced many of the new graphics that were in the last release.

As a fellow texture artist, and author of his own series of unoffical patches for A2 he will be running the project jointly with myself from now on.
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