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Star Trek Armada II Upgrade project
Welcome to the home of the Upgrade Project. The Upgrade Project now has two releases, the classic release for Armada II which allows you to play online with greatly enhanced graphics for Armada against anybody, regardless of if they have this installed or not.

Or, the latest version, 2.0. This version gives up compatibility with 1.1 for stunning graphics and an brand new AI for the campaign.

Installation is easy with our install wizard, no computer knowledge is required.

For more information about the Upgrade Project please see the About us page

Your games could look like this.

A2 Upgrade Project News
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1.3.0 problems - posted on 17 Dec 2006
I have been informed of several problems in the 1.3.0 release that are capable of crashing the game. These have been tracked down to a number of ship textures that are not commonly used in online games. (ie. Sabre, Akira, Intrepid)

There is a patch available for this problem already, though its in a zip file instead of a autoinstaller.

You can get the patch from here:- 1-3-0 to 1-3-1

You need to unzip this to the textures/rgb directory of your A2 installation. There will be a more user friendly patch available once I am sure that this does solve every problem.

Sorry about this.

download totals for 1.2.1 - posted on 28 Nov 2006
In total, version 1.2.1 was downloaded six thousand and seventy five times.

Now, I was optimisticly hoping for about five hundred, I didn't realise there were this many people playing A2 in total.

When I was doing the old releases I hoped to double download numbers each release. If I aimed for that this time around then I need to get 12150 downloads.

Yikes. How many copies of A2 did Activision sell anyway...?

V 1.3.0 released - posted on 28 Nov 2006
... We made it :)

Its the Upgrade Projects second birthday today, and I think the release of version 1.3.0 marks it quite nicely.

Next version... - posted on 15 Oct 2006
I do have quite a tendandcy to visit the website and start wondering when somebody is going to update it, before realising its my site and it should be ME updating it!

From now on I will be aiming at making monthly news posts, to try and keep the site alive, I can see that a lot of people do check the site almost daily for information, and if your going to do that then the least I can do is post something for you to read :)

In that spirit, Version 1.3.0 will be publicly released and available on November the 28th, 2006 to celebrate two years of the upgrade project. Coming three weeks after the release date slated for Star Trek Legacy in the United States this is likely to make the upgrade project the first major mod to be released onto the post legacy scene. (though, thats largely a matter of perspective as europe won't get Legacy until December the 8th)

Welcome to the Midnight modding team - posted on 02 Jul 2006
The Midnight team are now in residence in the forums, so feel free to drop in and say hi.

Also, if your running a mod and your looking for a forum drop me a PM or an email and we can have a chat.

Still alive! - posted on 27 Jun 2006
We are still here. Ok, I know I really should update the site more than this and I will make an effort to keep giving you some updates in the future.

In that spirit, I am currently finishing off the work which is underway. Once it is done then I will create the new installation file and update the website with it. With a little luck you should see it released within a month.
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