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Star Trek Armada II Upgrade project
Welcome to the home of the Upgrade Project. The Upgrade Project now has two releases, the classic release for Armada II which allows you to play online with greatly enhanced graphics for Armada against anybody, regardless of if they have this installed or not.

Or, the latest version, 2.0. This version gives up compatibility with 1.1 for stunning graphics and an brand new AI for the campaign.

Installation is easy with our install wizard, no computer knowledge is required.

For more information about the Upgrade Project please see the About us page

Your games could look like this.

A2 Upgrade Project News
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Mailing list - posted on 13 Feb 2006
Some of you might remember the mailing list that I setup when I first started the Upgrade Project. This died a painful death as it was a nightmare to maintain in its original form.

As you can see from the little box above, a mailing list returns in a much improved format.

update - posted on 28 Jan 2006
Well, this has been an eventfull month. The A2upgrades were released to Armada2 files and have since been downloaded more than a thousand times.

I have been joined by Demon who is fellow photoshopper so he's helping out on the development side. Three new testers have joined the team, TParis (the clan leader of MDA) has joined the team, as has SpecGal (the clanleader of NBK) and nagisteve.

The more people help the faster things get done, so please consider helping test things out or at least drop by the forums and let us know what you think.

Maps! - posted on 25 Jan 2006
Its just been pointed out on the forums that the map pack has been corrupted! How it happened I don't know but whats important is I have updated it and re-released it. Its now got around 615 maps in it.

Website updated - posted on 15 Jan 2006
ok, no new files but there is a new look for the website. I forget exactly how long its been but I think it was overdue...

Also, 1.2.1 was released on to the delight of the modders who hadn't seen any of the graphical upgrades before. Would you beleive one hundred downloads in the first 24 hours...?!

1.2.1 Released - posted on 08 Jan 2006
1.2.1 is release... *runs out of the way of the stampede* -- Please keep reading, its important.

If you like the upgrades please remember to spread them. Tell a friend, post on a forum or spam the A2 lobby, whatever.

I would also like some help. VOLUNTEER! Please. There are loads of suggestions as to how you can help on the recruitment page and you can get hold of me on the contact page or at

If nothing else please let help test things out. All you need to do is play the game and point out any problems or things you don't like with the latest files.

Happy Christmas :) - posted on 25 Dec 2005
Happy christmas everyone!

The latest version is coming, its probably going to be a couple of weeks yet for obvious reasons and also because some parts are still not finished, after that it will still need packaging up and uploading and the site will need an update as well.

Also whilst adding in a news item a modding team at will be using the a2upgrade effects in their upcoming mod.
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